EasyXLS™ Excel Reader Demo

This example shows how structured data can be imported into an application using the EasyXLS™ component. The example will simulate a method so that users could 'quickly and efficiently' be added to an application. The example consists of generating a document for the user to enter data in. Once all data has been entered, the user will upload the file for import into the application.
Export the custom Excel file
Generate Excel template
Add data to Excel template
Fill Excel template
Upload the Excel file and see the report
Read Excel file

Step One:

Please enter your company name so that an Excel template file can be generated specifically for your company.
Generate custom Excel file. Optional step. The Excel file can be generated with MS Excel or other tools
Enter company name:

Step Two:

In the generated Excel file, please enter as many users as you want. Save the file with your additions on your local hard drive and complete step three.
Fill data into Excel template

Step Three:

Please select the Excel file you saved on your local hard drive with your data and upload it back in the website. Upon clicking Upload, the file will be uploaded to our server and read by the EasyXLS™ component. The data you entered will be inserted in a database and a report will be generated to display the data that was read from your file.
Upload the modified Excel file
Upload the XLSX template: