Pivot charts

A pivot chart is an Excel chart report based on the data of a pivot table. Similar to a chart in Excel, a pivot chart can have two positions: as a distinct sheet or as an object in a sheet.

EasyXLS™ library allows you to create a pivot chart in Excel and attach a pivot table to it as data source.

All the features presented for charts are available also for pivot charts.

Source code sample

The below example shows how to export a pivot chart to Excel.


The screen shot provides an example of an exported pivot chart report to Excel.

Create pivot chart in Excel

Pivot chart data source

The data source of the pivot chart is relative to the data source of a pivot table.

Chart type

EasyXLS™ library provides a large number of chart types, such as column chart, bar chart, line chart, pie chart, scatter chart, area chart, doughnut chart, radar chart, surface chart, bubble chart, stock chart, cylinder chart, cone chart and pyramid chart.

Formatting chart

EasyXLS™ allows you to format the chart elements such as chart area, plot area, category X axis, value Y axis, gridlines, data table, legend, titles and 3D rotation.

Getting started with EasyXLS Excel library

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