Sheet properties

EasyXLS™ library allows you to set or to read Excel sheet properties like: sheet name, sheet tab color, sheet zoom, hidden sheet, protected sheet or selected sheet.

Source code sample

The below example shows how to export an Excel file with specific sheet names.


The screen shots provide an example of an exported Excel file that has two sheets ("First Tab" and" Second Tab").

Export Excel with sheet name

Sheet name

EasyXLS provides methods for handling the sheet names of an Excel file. The sheet name cannot be blank and cannot exceed 31 characters.

The sheet name can be set as in the above sample or using ExcelSheet.setSheetName method.

The component also allows you to read Excel sheet names. The Excel file must be imported first and after that the names of the sheets are available through ExcelSheet.getSheetName method.

Hidden sheet

EasyXLS library allows you to hide an Excel sheet using ExcelSheet.setHidden method.

Protected sheet

EasyXLS library allows you to protect an Excel sheet in order to prevent unintended editing using ExcelSheet.setSheetProtected method. Also, an optional password can be set if the sheet is protected using ExcelSheet.setProtectionPassword method.

Tab color

EasyXLS allows you to set a tab color for the Excel sheet using ExcelSheet.setTabColor method.

Select sheet

EasyXLS allows you to set the selected sheet for an Excel file using ExcelSheet.setSheetSelected. There can be more than one selected sheet, but only one sheet can be the current active sheet. The current active sheet can be set using ExcelDocument.setCurrentSheet method.

Sheet zoom

EasyXLS allows you to zoom in or out in an Excel sheet using ExcelSheet.setZoom method.

Show or hide gridlines

EasyXLS allows you to show or hide the gridlines for an Excel worksheet using ExcelWorksheet.setShowGridlines method.

Available for: Professional, Excel Writer, Excel Reader
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