Why do I get "Internet connection failed" when running the Java installer?

If you are having installation problems using online installation option, it's because your firewall or antivirus is locking EasyXLS installer when sending internet requests.

Another option that we are offering to you is partial online installation, using also the phone/email.

Prior to proceeding with offline installation, please send us an e-mail to support@easyxls.com, asking for "access codes". During installation you will need an access code used to access the Response Code screen on our website. When installing EasyXLS choose phone installation. Here are the steps that you must follow:


Enter personal information:
     - User Name: your name
     - Company Name: your company name
     - License key: the license key

Press "Next" button.

Customer information


Enter the requested information to certify yourself:
     - Certified Name: your name
     - Email: your email
     - Select the checkbox if you want to receive information on EasyXLS software products

Press "Next" button.

- If you have problems with Internet connection go to step Validate license key by phone.
- Otherwise continue to install

Certify yourself

Validate license key by phone/website

This screen will validate the license key entered in Register screen

Calling instructions

The installer provides the Registration Request Code and you need to obtain a Registration Response Code. Click on the "…" button (next to the Registration Response Code text field). This will open a browser window:

Enter your access code

Submit the Access Code that we provided you by e-mail. If you did not send an e-mail asking for access codes already, please do, so you can continue with EasyXLS installation. An access code can be used only once.

Key code request code

Submit the following information:
     - License Key: the license key we provided you
     - Request Code: Check the Calling Instructions screen from installer and enter the Registration Request Code.

NOTE: Make sure you keep the space between the groups of digits.

Get response code

Copy the Registration Response Code from browser to installer and press installer Next button.

NOTE: Make sure you keep the space between the groups of digits.

You can now complete the installation.

Available for: Professional, Excel Writer, Excel Reader, Express Excel Writer
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EasyXLS Excel libraries:

Java Excel Library
full Java version to import, export or convert Excel files
Java Excel Writer
Java version to create and export Excel files
Java Excel Reader
Java version to read and import Excel files
Java Express Excel Writer
limited Java version to create and export Excel files in predefined formats
Download EasyXLS™ Excel Library for Java

File formats:

MS Excel 97 - 2003
MS Excel 2007 - 2019
MS Excel 2021
Office 365