How to create Excel file in ASP classic

<%@ Language=VBScript %>

' Tutorial 03
' This tutorial shows how to create an Excel file (1) that has
' multiple sheets (2) in ASP classic. The created Excel file is 
' empty and the next tutorial shows how to add data into sheets.
' ===============================================================

response.write("Tutorial 03<br>")

' Create an instance of the class that creates Excel files (1)
Set workbook = Server.CreateObject("EasyXLS.ExcelDocument")

' Create two sheets (2)
workbook.easy_addWorksheet_2("First tab")
workbook.easy_addWorksheet_2("Second tab")

' Create Excel file
response.write("Writing file: C:\Samples\Tutorial03 - create Excel file.xlsx<br>")
workbook.easy_WriteXLSXFile ("C:\Samples\Tutorial03 - create Excel file.xlsx")

' Confirm the creation of Excel file
if workbook.easy_getError() = "" then
    response.write("File successfully created.")
    response.write("Error encountered: " + workbook.easy_getError())
end if

' Dispose memory

Overloaded methods
For methods with same name but different parameters, only the first method overload retains the original name. Subsequent overloads are uniquely renamed by appending to the method name '_2', '_3', etc (method, method_2, method_3), an integer that corresponds to the order of declaration that can be found in EasyXLS.h, a file that comes with EasyXLS installation.

EasyXLS Excel components:

Excel Library for ASP classic
full COM+ version to import, export or convert Excel files
Excel Writer for ASP classic
COM+ version to create and export Excel files
Download EasyXLS™ Excel Component for ASP classic

File formats:

MS Excel 97 - 2003
MS Excel 2007 - 2010
MS Excel 2013
MS Excel 2016
MS Excel 2019