How to export List to Excel in ColdFusion

Tutorial 01

This tutorial shows how to export list to Excel file in Coldfusion. (1).
The list contains data from a SQL database.
The cells are formatted using a predefined format (2).
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<!-- Constants Classes -->
<cfobject type="java" class="EasyXLS.Constants.Styles" name="Styles" action="CREATE">

Tutorial 01<br>

<!-- Create an instance of the class that exports Excel files (1)-->
<cfobject type="java" class="EasyXLS.ExcelDocument" name="workbook" action="CREATE">

<!-- Query the database -->
<cfquery name="myQuery" datasource="northwind">
SELECT TOP 100 CAST(Month(ord.OrderDate) AS varchar) + '/' + CAST(Day(ord.OrderDate) AS varchar) + 
'/' + CAST(year(ord.OrderDate) AS varchar) AS 'Order_Date', 
P.ProductName AS 'Product_Name', O.UnitPrice AS Price, O.Quantity, 
O.UnitPrice * O. Quantity AS Value 
FROM Orders AS ord, [Order Details] AS O, Products AS P 
WHERE O.ProductID = P.ProductID AND O.OrderID = ord.OrderID

<!-- Create the list that stores the query values -->
<cfobject type="java" class="EasyXLS.Util.List" name="lstRows" action="CREATE">

<!-- Add the report header row to the list -->
<cfobject type="java" class="EasyXLS.Util.List" name="lstHeaderRow" action="CREATE">
<cfset lstHeaderRow.addElement("Order Date")>
<cfset lstHeaderRow.addElement("Product Name")>
<cfset lstHeaderRow.addElement("Price")>
<cfset lstHeaderRow.addElement("Quantity")>
<cfset lstHeaderRow.addElement("Value")>
<cfset lstRows.addElement(lstHeaderRow)>

<!-- Add the query values from the database to the list -->
<cfloop query="myQuery" >
    <cfobject type="java" class="EasyXLS.Util.List" name="RowList" action="CREATE">
    <cfset RowList.addElement(#Order_Date#)>
    <cfset RowList.addElement(#Product_Name#)>
    <cfset RowList.addElement(#Price#)>
    <cfset RowList.addElement(#Quantity#)>
    <cfset RowList.addElement(#Value#)>
    <cfset lstRows.addElement(RowList)>

<!-- Create an instance of the class used to format the cells (2)-->
<cfobject type="java" class="EasyXLS.ExcelAutoFormat" name="xlsAutoFormat" action="CREATE">
<cfset xlsAutoFormat.InitAs(Styles.AUTOFORMAT_EASYXLS1)>

<!-- Export list to Excel file -->
Writing file C:\Samples\Tutorial01.xlsx<br>
<cfset ret = workbook.easy_WriteXLSXFile_FromList("C:\Samples\Tutorial01.xlsx", lstRows, xlsAutoFormat, "Sheet1")>

<!-- Confirm export of Excel file -->
<cfset sError = workbook.easy_getError()>
<cfif (sError  is "")>
        File successfully created.
        Error encountered:  #sError#

<!-- Dispose memory -->
<cfset workbook.Dispose()>

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