How to import Excel sheet data to DataSet in C++.NET

 | Tutorial 35
 | This tutorial shows how to import Excel sheet to DataSet in C++.NET.
 | The data is imported from a specific Excel sheet (For this example 
 | we use the Excel file generated in Tutorial 09).

#include "stdafx.h"

using namespace System;
using namespace EasyXLS;
using namespace System::Data;
using namespace System::IO;
using namespace System::Text;

int main()
    Console::WriteLine("Tutorial 35\n----------\n");

    // Create an instance of the class that imports Excel files
    ExcelDocument ^workbook = gcnew ExcelDocument();

    // Import Excel sheet to DataSet
    Console::WriteLine("Reading file C:\\Samples\\Tutorial09.xlsx.\n");
    DataSet ^ds = workbook->easy_ReadXLSXSheet_AsDataSet("C:\\Samples\\Tutorial09.xlsx", "First Tab");

    // Confirm import of Excel file
    String ^sError = workbook->easy_getError();
    if (sError->Equals(""))
        // Display imported DataSet values
        DataTable ^dt = ds->Tables[0];
        StringBuilder ^str;
        for (int row=0; row < dt->Rows->Count; row++)
            for (int column=0; column < dt->Columns->Count; column++)
                str = gcnew StringBuilder();
                str->Append(String::Concat("At row ", (row + 1).ToString(), ", column ", (column + 1).ToString()));
                str->Append(String::Concat(" the value is '", 
                    Convert::ToString(dt->Rows[row]->ItemArray[column]), "'"));
        Console::Write(String::Concat("\nError reading file C:\\Samples\\Tutorial09.xlsx \n", sError));

    // Dispose memory
    delete workbook;

    Console::Write("\nPress Enter to Exit...");

    return 0;

C++ without .NET Framework
This tutorial is valid for C++ applications that can use .NET Framework. For applications that does not have .NET Framework integrated, a similar code sample is available.

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