How to read XLSX file in C++.NET

 | Tutorial 36
 | This tutorial shows how to read an Excel XLSX file in C++.NET (the
 | XLSX file generated by Tutorial 04 as base template), modify
 | some data and save it to another XLSX file (Tutorial36 - read XLSX file.xlsx).

using namespace System;
using namespace EasyXLS;
using namespace System::Data;
using namespace System::IO;

int main()
    Console::WriteLine("Tutorial 36\n----------\n");

    // Create an instance of the class that reads Excel files
    ExcelDocument ^workbook = gcnew ExcelDocument();

    // Read XLSX file
    Console::WriteLine("Reading file C:\\Samples\\Tutorial04.xlsx.\n");
    if (workbook->easy_LoadXLSXFile("C:\\Samples\\Tutorial04.xlsx"))
        // Get the table of data for the second worksheet
        ExcelWorksheet ^xlsSecondTab = safe_cast<ExcelWorksheet^>(workbook->easy_getSheet("Second tab"));
        ExcelTable ^xlsSecondTable = xlsSecondTab->easy_getExcelTable();

        // Write some data to the second sheet
        xlsSecondTable->easy_getCell("A1")->setValue("Data added by Tutorial36");
        for (int column=0; column<5; column++)
            xlsSecondTable->easy_getCell(1, column)->setValue(String::Concat("Data ", (column + 1).ToString()));

        // Export the new XLSX file
        Console::WriteLine("Writing file C:\\Samples\\Tutorial36 - read XLSX file.xlsx.");
        workbook->easy_WriteXLSXFile("C:\\Samples\\Tutorial36 - read XLSX file.xlsx");

        // Confirm export of Excel file
        String ^sError = workbook->easy_getError();
        if (sError->Equals(""))
            Console::Write("\nFile successfully created. Press Enter to Exit...");
            Console::Write(String::Concat("\nError encountered: ", sError, "\nPress Enter to Exit..."));
        Console::WriteLine(String::Concat("\nError reading file C:\\Samples\\Tutorial04.xlsx \n", 
            workbook->easy_getError(), "\nPress Enter to Exit..."));

    // Dispose memory
    delete workbook;


    return 0;

C++ without .NET Framework
This tutorial is valid for C++ applications that can use .NET Framework. For applications that does not have .NET Framework integrated, a similar code sample is available.

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