How to set rich text format in cells in VBScript

EasyXLS Excel library can be used to export Excel files in VBS. The library is a COM+ component that works without MS Excel installed.

Step 1: Download and install EasyXLS Excel Library for COM+

To download the trial version of EasyXLS Excel Library, press the below button:

Download EasyXLS™ Excel Library for VBS

If you already own a license key, you may login and download EasyXLS from your account.

Step 2: Verify if EasyXLS is registered

Check if EasyXLS component is present in Component Services.

Step 3: Run VBS code that sets rich text format in Excel cells

Execute the following VBS code that exports rich text format (RTF) in an Excel cell.

' Tutorial 19
' This tutorial shows how to create an Excel file in VBScript
' having multiple sheets. The first sheet is filled with data and the
' first cell of the second row contains data in rich text format.
' Constants declaration

WScript.StdOut.WriteLine("Tutorial 19" & vbcrlf & "-----------" & vbcrlf)

' Create an instance of the class that exports Excel files
Set workbook = CreateObject("EasyXLS.ExcelDocument")

' Create two sheets
workbook.easy_addWorksheet_2("First tab")
workbook.easy_addWorksheet_2("Second tab")

' Get the table of data for the first worksheet
Set xlsFirstTable = workbook.easy_getSheetAt(0).easy_getExcelTable()

' Create the string used to set the RTF in cell
Dim sFormattedValue 
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & "This is <b>bold</b>."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "This is <i>italic</i>."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "This is <u>underline</u>."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "This is <underline double>double underline</underline double>."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "This is <font color=red>red</font>."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "This is <font color=rgb(255,0,0)>red</font> too."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "This is <font face=""Arial Black"">Arial Black</font>."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "This is <font size=15pt>size 15</font>."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "This is <s>strikethrough</s>."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "This is <sup>superscript</sup>."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "This is <sub>subscript</sub>."
sFormattedValue = sFormattedValue & Chr(10) & "<b>This</b> <i>is</i> " & _
                  "<font color=red face=""Arial Black"" size=15pt>" & _
                  "<underline double>formatted</underline double></font> <s>text</s>."

' Set the rich text value in cell
xlsFirstTable.easy_getCell(1, 0).setHTMLValue (sFormattedValue)
xlsFirstTable.easy_getCell(1, 0).setDataType (DATATYPE_STRING)
xlsFirstTable.easy_getCell(1, 0).setWrap (True)
xlsFirstTable.easy_getRowAt(1).setHeight (250)
xlsFirstTable.easy_getColumnAt(0).setWidth (250)

' Export Excel file
WScript.StdOut.WriteLine("Writing file C:\Samples\Tutorial19 - RTF for Excel cells.xlsx")
workbook.easy_WriteXLSXFile ("C:\Samples\Tutorial19 - RTF for Excel cells.xlsx")

' Confirm export of Excel file
Dim sError
sError = workbook.easy_getError()
If sError = "" Then
    WScript.StdOut.Write(vbcrlf & "File successfully created.")
    WScript.StdOut.Write(vbcrlf & "Error: " & sError)
End If

' Dispose memory

Wscript.StdOut.Write(vbcrlf & "Press Enter to exit ...")

How to run VBScript tutorial
In order to run the tutorial create a file named Tutorial19.vbs containing previous code, open Command Prompt, change the directory to tutorial location using cd command and type:
>    cscript Tutorial19.vbs.

Overloaded methods
For methods with same name but different parameters, only the first method overload retains the original name. Subsequent overloads are uniquely renamed by appending to the method name '_2', '_3', etc (method, method_2, method_3), an integer that corresponds to the order of declaration that can be found in EasyXLS.h, a file that comes with EasyXLS installation.

EasyXLS Excel components:

Excel Library for VBScript
full COM+ version to import, export or convert Excel files
Excel Writer for VBScript
COM+ version to create and export Excel files
Download EasyXLS™ Excel Component for VBScript

File formats:

MS Excel 97 - 2003
MS Excel 2007 - 2019
MS Excel 2021
Office 365