Namespace EasyXLS.Charts

Class ExcelTitle

All Implemented Interfaces:
IAlignDrawingObject, IEffectDrawingObject, IFontDrawingObject

public class ExcelTitle extends AlignDrawingObject
This class stores the titles information like text, fill settings, line settings, font settings, alignment settings and shadow settings. A title can be a chart title, value Y axis title or category X axis title.
  • Constructor Details

    • ExcelTitle

      public ExcelTitle()
      Defines an instance of a title.
  • Method Details

    • setText

      public void setText(System.String text)
      Sets the text of the title.
      text - the text of the title.
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    • getText

      public System.String getText()
      Returns the text of the title.
      the text of the title
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    • Clone

      public ExcelTitle Clone()
      Creates and returns a copy of this object.
      a clone of this instance.