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 About Us

Our Goal - "Being number one"

Over the last nineteen years, our team has striven to become the market leader by offering the best features, best compatibility, best performance and best support possible. We are determined to create the best Excel file programming library.

EasyXLS goal is being a business model and EasyXLS brand is part of a progressive and dynamic company that values each client needs.

Our Vision - "Client always comes first"

As we strive to accomplish our goals we measure our success, with the successes of those that choose to leverage and depend upon our products.

We seek to understand our clients' needs and we are focused on our clients' success. EasyXLS grows on the clients' requirements and requests. When the priority support clients encounter a problem, we work together to either find a solid workaround or our team provides a hot patch. EasyXLS provides to our customers the highest quality support.

EasyXLS™ is thankful and proud to be depended on by so many wonderful clients.

Our Mission - "Difficult report? Easy task!"

What looks difficult or even impossible has never been easier! EasyXLS provides a tool for handling MS Excel file formats. The component offers an API for loading and saving reports from/to xls, xlsx, xlsb and even more file formats. Our 24 hour support team is always ready to answer to the clients' questions when things become more difficult.

Our Objective - "Best coverage"

We plan to cover all MS Excel features. When Microsoft launches a new feature, EasyXLS is right behind. Our team puts its experience to work to ensure the best coverage. EasyXLS extends the supported features based on a release cycle. As a result, a 2-year subscription option comes to support this action. At least one major version upgrade is guaranteed even if the subscription has expired.

Our Customer Support - "Close to client"

EasyXLS provides the best quality support to his customers. 24 hours of customer support including emails and phone calls.

Our Customers about EasyXLS

"EasyXLS™ solved my problem. It is simply the best tool for developers who want to read and write MS Excel files in their programs. No other product could generate an Excel "Rate Schedules Contract" to match the ones we were generating manually. We struggled for over a month with other products before we discovered EasyXLS™."
Dan Mervin, developer at EUOutsourcing.com
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Our History


Company is founded in New Jersey, United States
Offshore software development services


Opened a new office in Brasov, Romania
First own product released


First reporting tool as business intelligence product


Excel component pull out from ReportWizard as separate product
EasyXLS begins its own history


Excel component included in various projects on client demand


Opened 2nd office in Brasov, Romania


Excel component goes online
First online license sold


Company goes through a rebranding process


Opened a new office in Cluj-Napoca, Romania


EasyXLS 8.6 released
Latest version


Improvement continues
New features coming soon

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We're here to help you to succeed in Excel spreadsheet file format manipulation. What looks difficult or even impossible has never been easier! We measure our success with the success of our clients.
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