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EasyXLS™ - Create excel files in an efficient way

Koen LAPAUW, Director

Used the Pro-version to open an Excel file, add formatted data and save it as a new file, with only a few lines of code. And it works fast ! Thank you for your help to determine the version I needed. I can only recommend EasyXLS™.

Really nice product


Really nice product. There is no similar product on the market!

The results were perfect


Impressed with simplicity of using Excel. Prior methods have been troublesome because of the variety or Office versions that may be installed on different computers. The test code that I've written was so easy and the results were perfect. I am looking forward to using the full depth of this product.

I definitely recommend EasyXLS

Attila Suciu, Lead Programmer

EasyXLS is the best product of it's kind. Used it in most of our projects and never failed to achieve what we needed. Support was prompt whenever we had an issue or needed guidance. What I like the most is that in every release of EasyXLS I see new features that help achieve more and more Excel functions. I definitely recommend EasyXLS. Keep on the good work.

Works great with C#

Cosmin, Lead Developer

Works great with C# and new features are added on a regular basis.

Very resourceful and easy to use

Alexandra Hermeneanu, Developer

I use EasyXLS everyday in the project I'm working on. It's very resourceful and easy to use!


Matthew Scarborough, Developer

While on opposite sides of the globe they supported me by email or webinar and I was again EXTREMELY HAPPY with their desire to solve my issues. I would recommend this product for anyone who needs to create an Excel document on the web.

A super product

DJ, Developer

With just a few days of development I have allowed all of my existing Report functionality to be automatically upgraded to use the formats that Easy XLS Supports. For our company this pertains to XLS and XLSX. A super product and their support staff always respond promptly.

Support reaction was very fast and helpful

Raul, Test Team

We have used EasyXLS products for a couple of projects at the firm and we were very happy with the results. I had a couple of questions regarding the installation and the support reaction was very fast and helpful, thank you again. I definitely recommend EasyXLS.

It work absolutely as expected

Matthew Scarborough, Developer

I have been a client of EasyXLS for 5 years now. I first found it as a alternative to ActiveX and it work absolutely as expected. This time I added it to a new server and had a few issues but I was overly pleased at the support I received.

With EasyXLS we can output reports with multiple sub reports

Ricky, Developer

I implemented EasyXLS into my companies websites and now all of our numerous reports can be output directly to XLSX with data properly formatted with no need to manually format dates and numbers on opening. Prior to integrating EasyXLS we used to export CSV and TSV files across our company. With EasyXLS we can also now output reports with multiple sub reports in the same exported document.

Excel files can be read, written, imported and exported

Developer, RateExplorer

A great number of people would rather work in excel than in any other application. This used to have many downsides amongst which concurrency issues and correct data versioning were only two of them. Now that standardized excel files can be read, written, imported and exported from or into any application these problems went away while allowing experienced workers to benefit from their excel expertise.

We could do anything that could be done

Mihaela Persoiu, Lear Developer, VMS

The code for export and upload is very concise and the results are user friendly.
The most gratifying part of using EasyXLS was creating reports.
We could do basically anything that could be done on an Excel file so the clients were very happy.


EasyXLS - flexibility and good design

Radu Niculii, Team Leader, Atlas International

Due to its flexibility and good design EasyXLS became an integrated part of the systems and is used to easily export data in nicely formatted excel files where the people can use their knowledge to create reports, find what they are looking for or simply change the data and import the changes back to the application without any effort.

Export all our reports

Developer, Easy Tasking

Import is a couple of clicks away, and they saved a lot of time. They can do this again over and over again, anytime they need to add more users.
Since then, we added even more possibilities to our project, they can export all our reports, upload data, ultimately make their life a lot easier.


EasyXLS - developer’s best friend

Mihaela Apostol, Developer, Subaru Distributors Corp

We decided to use EasyXLS to export files, to upload files into the system and also to create reports.
This tool has been proven to be developer’s best friend. The exports were done fast and could be formatted exactly the way we wanted them.


EasyXLS™ is part of the winning formula

Developer, eTERM

EasyXLS™ is part of the winning formula that has enabled eTERM to emerge as a better, faster, more cost effective way to manage intermodal terminals.

EasyXLS generate fast, accurate, easy to read Excel reports

Lear Developer, iTerm

EasyXLS is integrated as a reporting tool used to generate fast, accurate, easy to read, xls/xlsx inventory and activity reports.
EasyXLS was the most easy to embed component on a pre-existing platform with great impact on speed and usability of the reporting functionality of the system.


Well-structured, properly documented EasyXLS

Developer, Easy Tasking

We created an excel template which they filled with all the information needed for our system. The actual implementation didn’t even take long, thanks to the well-structured, properly documented EasyXLS.

Highly performing EasyXLS™ component

Roxana Damian, Lead Developer, Trans Tech Partners

The on time management decisions as well as short and long time planning are facilitated by the use of the feature-rich, highly performing EasyXLS™ component that transforms the raw data into easy to read, comprehensive inventory snapshots delivered via xlsx / xls exports.

EasyXLS keeps the exact formatting of the web reports

Lead QA, CCM

The system's wide range of reports, that includes financial, terminal inventory and chassis utilization reports, can be rendered to the user in an MS Excel File that keeps the exact formatting of the web reports. Another remarkable application of EasyXLS is the auto-scheduled reports functionality that generates and emails the reports to the selected recipients in a matter of seconds.

Extremely flexible EasyXLS solution

Adrian Nicoara, QA Manager, ComPair

Delivering business critical information to clients is achieved by using the extremely flexible EasyXLS solution that enables users to receive targeted information in MS Excel format.
EasyXLS ensures that ComPair Data clients receive vessel deployment, trade route and transit analysis information on virtually every global trade lane.


The most amazing use of EasyXLS

Marius Pancea, developer PMOSystem

Among the most amazing uses of EasyXLS in PMOSystem is the email based timesheet. PMOSystem generates and emails a timesheet to selected resources each week. The timesheet is tailored for each resource. It includes the resource's projects, roles, and planned hours by day. The resource opens the excel file, enters in their hours, and sends the timesheet back to PMOSystemtm for updating.

EasyXLS makes possible the import of thousands of records into the system

Lead QA, CMS

EasyXLS™ makes possible the import of thousands of records into the system and then offers the capability of exporting them into carefully formatted MS Excel files.

EasyXLS-developers did a good job

Developer, SATIAMO

The EasyXLS generated files are rather small compared to other Excel-libraries on the market, proofing somehow that EasyXLS-developers did a good job.

Open and read the updated Excel file

Developer, PMOSystem

The user reviews and completes the data in the file before uploading it back into the import screen which uses EasyXLS to open and read the updated excel file into the system and database. PMOSystem uses this method to allow imports of timesheet data, new resources, and even international translation table imports that are used to display the proper language in the user interface.

EasyXLS - the most reliable and flexible solution

Lead QA, Chassis Management System

Chassis Management System application uses EasyXLS™ extensively as it proved to be not only the most reliable and flexible solution, but also the best option when it comes to importing or exporting large amount of chassis pool related data.

Large datasets can be serviced in an appropriate amount of time

Developer, SATIAMO

From the software-developer side of view all those things can be implemented due to EasyXLS very simple and fast.
Even the important criterion of performance leaves nothing to be desired and requests, even for large datasets, can be serviced in an appropriate amount of time.


Create a customized data entry excel file

Marius Pancea, developer PMOSystem

In addition to reporting PMOSystem uses EasyXLS to ease system setup and configuration. Through the system import screens use EasyXLS to create a customized data entry excel file complete with default data, drop list selections, field validation and protected cells.

Export huge Excel files

developer at IBM

IBM's TransportLens product makes use of EasyXLS to natively read and write Microsoft compatible XLS files. TransportLens exports huge XLS files that are distributed to and updated by the individual competing Carriers. Also it uses EasyXLS to read the files, validate the contents and store the pricing in the application for consideration of awarding shipping allocation.

EasyXLS without OLE Automation

developer at TrackStar

They had previously learned that Crystal Reports claimed to output an MS Excel format, but those claims turned out to be greatly exaggerated and OLE Automation had a serious impact on the server performance, often locking up and requiring the server to be restarted. So they used EasyXLS.
The generated MS Excel file is attached to an email along with an electronic invoice and sent to Cornerstone's clients.


EasyXLS quickly generates Excel files

Project Manager, Maersk Data USA, Inc.

Two days after getting EasyXLS™ we were able to succeed where we had failed with all the other products. The results are amazing. Even with our biggest rate schedules, EasyXLS™ quickly generates Excel files that included precise formatting, embedded formulas, pictures, and huge dynamic data ranges.

Timesheets for attaching to electronic invoices

Marius Pancea, developer PMOSystem

PMOSystem provides carefully formatted reports to the user in the MS Excel file format. Among the most complicated of the reports are the Timesheets for attaching to electronic invoices, and the multi-sheet budget reports that provide all project(s) information in one master MS Excel file. Additionally, with only a few lines of code, all of the filtered lists support Export-to-Excel and Export-to-CSV.

EasyXLS - flexibility when importing and exporting large datasets

Developer, SATIAMO

EasyXLS is the component that bridges the gap between the daily business and SATIAMO.
It provides us with the necessary flexibility when importing and exporting large datasets and generating reports.
This way our customers and their subcontractors can do their work in the Microsoft environment,
they are entirely comfortable with and can later on import the data to the system.


SHPA chose EasyXLS to augment the HTML based reports

Radu Niculii, developer SHPA

With Microsoft Excel as a clear choice for a tool to store, manipulate and work with the operation information, SHPA chose EasyXLStm to augment the HTML based reports. Today SHPA staff can view reports on the screen as HTML and at the press of a button retrieve an MS Excel file with the data formatted exactly as on the screen, or in some cases with enhanced formatting.

Bridge man and machine

Marius Pancea, developer PMOSystem

PMO System's project management application makes extensive use of EasyXLS to read and write MS Excel files for reporting and importing data. EasyXLS has allowed PMOSystem to provide project data in useful formats as well as retrieve and import information from the users in a format both man and machine can work with.

EasyXLS provides versatility and performance

Developer, IBM

Automating the RFP process depended on the versatility and performance requirements required to process XLS files. EasyXLS provided that versatility and performance, allowing control over the XLS file formatting with such features as protected cells, lookup lists, field validations as well as the ability to handle generating many large files simultaneously quickly with minimum performance impact on the system.

EasyXLS is a mature product

Dennis M Wallentin, Microsoft MVP

Nowadays I get very rarely impressed by any software. I believe I can count them on one hand only. EasyXLS is a mature product, very fast, very reliable and at the same time very easy to work with. I'm very impressed with it, the object model it uses gives clean and a minimum of code. It takes a shorter time to learn the object module and how to use it in a recommended way.

Generate large electronic invoice reports

developer at Cornerstone Relocation Group

When TrackStar™ needed to generate large electronic invoice reports (EIRs), they turned to EasyXLS™. They knew that they needed a tool that would allow them to quickly generate attractively formatted electronic invoices with a lot of data while putting as little additional burden on their servers as possible.

EasyXLS is very simple and intuitive to use

Bulent Yazici, DutySheet

We found EasyXLS very simple and intuitive to use. The extensive online documentation helped us get started in upgrading our outdated Excel reporting tools to provide a better solution. We are now able to easily import and export latest Excel versions with ease.

"Our task was close to be impossible until we found EasyXLS"

Vladimir Skrbic - developer, EuroDynamics

Our client is a very big European energy company and had specific needs about generating Excel forms, so we tried various APIs, but all of them have some limitations. Our task was close to be impossible until we found EasyXLS™ and tried demo. It’s really great API allowed us to do almost everything we wished, so client got fully functional module for Excel forms.

"Minimum programming effort"

Dave Laurian - developer, PMOSystem

With minimum programming effort, EasyXLS™ helped us generate complex billing forms and its formula-processing engine makes us more confident in our computation routines. More than that we can save our data as XML in seconds and send it over the Internet.

"We are closer to our customers"

Octavian Exari - developer, US Outsourcing

We used the EasyXLS™ Professional in Project Clarity (our online ERP). Just in no time, all our lists of products, services, purchased items, can be easily downloaded and processed as xls files. We are closer to our customers now more than ever.

"Easy and quick"

Dan Mervin, developer at EUOutsourcing.com

EasyXLS™ solved my problem. It is simply the best tool for developers who want to read and write MS Excel files in their programs. No other product could generate an Excel "Rate Schedules Contract" to match the ones we were generating manually. We struggled for over a month with other products before we discovered EasyXLS™.

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