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EasyXLS - .NET Excel component and Java Excel library - celebrating 22 years

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Import/Export Excel files: XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, XML, TXT, CSV, HTML and Convert Excel files
- Import data from Excel files
- Export data to Excel files
- Import data from SQL datatables to Excel spreadsheets
- Export data from Excel spreadsheets to SQL datatables
- Read Microsoft Excel 97-2021 file formats
- Write Microsoft Excel 97-2021 file formats
- Manipulate spreadsheets
- Convertion between Excel files and XML, CSV, HTML files
Without Excel installed, without InteropNo Microsoft Excel required
Easy XLS - Excel reports, chart reports, pivot table reports, dashboard reporting
Reporting tool
- Spreadsheet reports
- Chart reports
- Pivot reports
- Export data to Excel files
Easy XLS - formula calculation engine
Formula Calculation Engine Functions
- Financial functions
- Logical and Information functions
- Database and List Management functions
- Lookup and Reference functions
- Math and Trigonometry functions
- Statistical functions
- Text functions
- Date and Time functions
Easy XLS - Java Excel API
Excel Library Features
- Read and Write Excel, CSV, XML, HTML, TXT files
- Format and Auto Format spreadsheets
- Charts, Images, Hyperlinks, RTF, Comments
- Named Ranges, Data validation, Freeze Frames
- VB Macro Preservation
- Filter and Auto-Filter
- Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
- Encryption and Password protection

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Easy XLS - import/export Excel files in .NET and Java
Available for all operating systems that support .NET or Java
Accessible for programming languages like:
Support for 64-bit operating systems
- .NET: C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, J#
- COM: PHP, ASP classic, C++, VB6, VBS
- Java, JSP, ColdFusion
- 100% managed code
- 100% thread safe
Easy XLS - ASP.NET Excel Component
Excel Component Benefits
- MS Excel Not Required
- Create Excel files formatted exactly as your users want
- Edit MS Excel files changing data and formatting within your applications
- High performance with minimal resource requirements
- Supports all major programming languages: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, C++

Best support for Java and .NET Excel Writer Reader
Over the last 15 years, our team's main goal was to become the market leader offering the best features, best compatibility, best performance, and best support possible.
- 24-hour email/phone support
- 30-day, free of charge, installation support
- 2-year subscription and frequent upgrades
- 30-day money back guarantee
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  .NET Excel Component Java Excel Library

.NET and Java library to import, export or convert Excel files

  Why Easy XLS
EasyXLS is the best third-party Excel library and makes working with the most detailed and feature rich excel files simple while providing the best performance when creating, computing and reading very large Excel files compatible with Excel 97 | Excel 2003 | Excel 2007 | Excel 2010 | Excel 2013 | Excel 2016 in the following file formats XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XLSM, XML, CSV, HTML and TXT.
Easy XLS API Tour  
Excel Viewer for ASP.NET
Displays an Excel file in ASP.NET.
Excel Reader Demo
Upload an Excel file and see the report.
Excel Writer Demo
Set Excel document formatting on-the-fly and see the code.
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.NET Excel Component

EasyXLS™ is the best programming Excel component on the market for .NET Excel file manipulation allowing the programmer to read Excel files, write Excel files and edit Excel files from VB.NET, C#, J#, C++, VB.NET and COM: ASP, C++, PHP, VB6, VBS, and PowerShell. EasyXLS™ makes creating highly formatted Excel File Reports simple, with library routines to import data that supports a number of import mechanisms such as Datagrid to Excel, CSV import, XML import all without requiring Microsoft Excel to be installed and without using Excel Automation. ASP.NET export to Excel or VB.NET export to Excel never been easier and faster! Review the .NET Excel API page for more detailed information.
We encourage every .NET Programmer looking for a .NET Excel Reader component or a .NET Excel writer component to try our free 30 day trial and see why EasyXLS is the best available Excel API on the market.

Java Excel library

EasyXLS™ for Java provides all the same features as the .NET API and a few more. With amazing performance and functionality EasyXLS™ for Java has all the features needed to export data from Java to Excel as well as read and write data from or to Excel files using XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XLSM, XML, HTML, CSV file formats. Review the Java Excel API page for more detailed information.
JAVA programmers looking for a Java Excel reader library or Java Excel writer library can take advantage of our 30 day fully functional trial to discover that EasyXLS is the best JAVA Excel Library for them.

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What customers say about EasyXLS
What customers say about us
"The user reviews and completes the data in the file before uploading it back into the import screen which uses EasyXLS to open and read the updated excel file into the system and database. PMOSystem uses this method to allow imports of timesheet data, new resources, and even international translation table imports that are used to display the proper language in the user interface."
Developer, PMOSystem
Read more from what customers say about us in testimonials and case studies.
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Easy to use by programmers in multiple languages
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