General Questions

What is the EasyXLS™ Excel Library?

EasyXLS™ Excel library is a server-side spreadsheet component enabling to easily read, write or edit native Excel files without having Microsoft Excel installed on the server or the client machine. It works without Microsoft Excel or OLE Automation. It can be integrated with both desktop or web based applications.

EasyXLS™ Excel component is especially useful for generating reports, providing data export and extract functionality for analysts or clerical users and for prefilling Excel files with information from a database application.

How does the EasyXLS™ Excel Library work?

By including the EasyXLS™ Excel library in your project, your application's code will be able to generate the simplest or most complicated and feature rich Excel documents,  read data from existing Excel documents for import it to your application, or even to edit and modify an existing Excel document.

How do I purchase and receive the EasyXLS™ Excel Library?

Please access our Purchase section, select the desired platform and follow the required steps. Our purchase system requires a free registration, which will allow you to download the EasyXLS™ software and access your license key. It is important to note that your personal information will be kept private, according to our Privacy Policy.

What are the differences between the EasyXLS™ versions?

EasyXLS™ EXCEL READER package provides you with the necessary functions to read data from already existing Excel files and import it into your application.

EasyXLS™ EXCEL WRITER package gives you the power to export data from your application to complex, graphically reach Excel format files.

EasyXLS™ PROFESSIONAL includes both capabilities, reading and writing, as a complete, professional solution for software developers.

How does EasyXLS™ Excel Library compare to other alternatives?

EasyXLS™ Excel library is the fastest and most feature rich Excel programming Excel component available, providing the developer more Excel features than even the Microsoft Excel development API's. When working with large and complicated Excel spreadsheets the superior performance of EasyXLS™ is especially important, so as to avoid impacting server performance while providing Excel files to the users as quickly as possible. No alternative solution can compare to the ease of use, performance and functionality of EasyXLS™.


Installing the EasyXLS™ Library

What are the minimum system requirements for EasyXLS™ Excel Library to work properly?

The minimum requirements are the same as for Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or later if you are using the .NET version of EasyXLS™ Excel library, or the same as for Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or later if you are using the Java version of EasyXLS™ Excel library.

What Operating systems does EasyXLS™ Excel Library support?

EasyXLS™ Excel library and Excel component supports all current Microsoft operating systems that support .NET Framework 2.0 or later, and all operating systems that support JAVA JDK 1.6 or later.

How quickly can I install it and integrate it into my project?

The installation is a simple process, governed by an automatic installer that will do all the necessary settings. Once installed, all you need to do is include references to the appropriate EasyXLS™ functions in your application code.  Depending on the complexity of the Excel file you will be accessing or creating, you may be able to have results within a few minutes.

How do I install EasyXLS™ Excel Library?

Upon purchasing one of the EasyXLS™ packages, you will download an executable file that contains an automatic installer. 
Once started, the automatic installer will walk you through each step of the installation.

Does it require any special setup on the client/server?

No, all the necessary installation actions will be taken by our automatic installer.

How many computers / servers can I install the EasyXLS™ Excel Library on?

The EasyXLS™ component's license is per computer only. This means that one license can be used on only one computer. In addition to our standard Server licenses we also provide Developer licenses that can be used during the development process.


Using the EasyXLS™ Library

Is EasyXLS™ Excel Library difficult to use?

The EasyXLS™ team has devoted significant effort towards simplifying the code necessary in the creation of Excel files.  Simple one line statements that perform commonly requested actions, and intuitively named functions help lessen what learning curve there is.  When more control is required a set of more granular functions is also available, that allow the user to perform the most complex Excel formatting within an intuitive API and function framework.  Online API documentation, code samples and tutorials are also available online and on the disk to further help get a developer proficient in EasyXLS™ as quickly and painlessly as possible.

What development tools is it compatible with?

It’s an across platform component so it supports a large variety of platforms, like: C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, Classic ASP, PHP, C++, VB6, VBScript, Java, ColdFusion, Python. When purchasing the product you will be able to choose the targeted platform for your application.

What are the support options?

We provide a broad range of support options, from a Default support option that is offered free of charge when purchasing a product to Product Subscription that includes phone support and access to all our updates and even, for our most demanding clients, Development support that will give us the opportunity to help you with your specific application questions.


Learn More

User Guide

Check the manual for more details about how to use EasyXLS™.



EasyXLS™ trials

Download now the EasyXLS™ Excel Library - Trial version, full version to import, export and convert MS Excel files. Evaluate EasyXLS™ Professional Excel Library for .Net and Java free for 30 days.


Download tutorials. There is a tutorial for each important feature.


Download free sample projects.
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