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EasyXLS Excel Library Trial v8.6 released!

1/18/2018 1:45:00 PM

EasyXLS Trial v8.6 released!

For download visit:

New features:
- DATEDIF function for formulas
- Read multiple cell ranges at once from Excel files
- Read specific cell ranges from the current worksheet
- Methods to remove ranges of rows or columns from the worksheet
- Warning log
- Print Area on multiple cell ranges
- Protect sheet new options for xlsx, xlsm and xlsb files: allow select locked cells, select unlocked cells, format cells, format columns, format rows, insert columns, insert rows, insert hyperlink, delete columns, delete rows, sort, use AutoFilter, use PivotTable & PivotChart, edit objects and edit scenarios

Note: For more details about the supported features please check the following document:
Detailed Specifications Sheet

Bug fixes:
- Approximation for CEILING and FLOOR functions improved
- Parsing formulas with strings equals with "-"
- Concatenation operator in formulas - wrong order of operations
- XLSX: chart titles not loaded for special formatting
- R1C1 reference style decoding for area ranges
- 3D cell reference decoding when contains "!" in sheet name
- Loading array formulas that are set on a cell reference
- XLS: Chart axis not visible in LibreOffice
- XLS: chart crashes with MS Excel KB KB3115266
- Maximum number of page breaks exceeded
- XLSX: Load chart data labels

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