Celebrating 18 years for EasyXLS Excel Library

02/05/2018 12:21
EasyXLS library turns 18 years of experience in Excel file format. Best tool to read, write and convert Excel files programmatically. Our Excel library is richer in features with each year of practice...

EasyXLS Excel Library Trial v8.6 released!

01/18/2018 13:45
EasyXLS Trial v8.6 released! For download visit: www.easyxls.com/trials. New features: - DATEDIF function for formulas - Read multiple cell ranges at once from Excel files - Read specific cell ranges...

What next? Protect Excel sheet full options

11/17/2017 13:42
The current version allows protecting the sheet cells and objects with or without a password. The next version allows also setting the protection options for: - Select locked cells - Select unlocked...

What next? Print area for Excel sheet on multiple cell ranges

10/18/2017 13:13
The current version allows setting the print area for a sheet as a specific range of cells. The next version will allow setting the print area on multiple cell ranges. The print area can be set...

What next? Remove ranges of rows or columns from the Excel worksheet

09/08/2017 00:00
EasyXLS will bring new methods that allow: - remove a range of rows from the Excel worksheet - remove a range of columns from the Excel worksheet...
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