EasyXLS - developer’s best friend

Mihaela Apostol, Developer, Subaru Distributors Corp
We decided to use EasyXLS to export files, to upload files into the system and also to create reports. This tool has been proven to be developer’s best friend. The exports were done fast and could be formatted exactly the way we wanted them.

EasyXLS™ is part of the winning formula

Developer, eTERM
EasyXLS™ is part of the winning formula that has enabled eTERM to emerge as a better, faster, more cost effective way to manage intermodal terminals.

EasyXLS generate fast, accurate, easy to read Excel reports

Lear Developer, iTerm
EasyXLS is integrated as a reporting tool used to generate fast, accurate, easy to read, xls/xlsx inventory and activity reports. EasyXLS was the most easy to embed component on a pre-existing platform with great impact on speed and usability of the reporting functionality of the system.

Well-structured, properly documented EasyXLS

Developer, Easy Tasking
We created an excel template which they filled with all the information needed for our system. The actual implementation didn’t even take long, thanks to the well-structured, properly documented EasyXLS.

Highly performing EasyXLS™ component

Roxana Damian, Lead Developer, Trans Tech Partners
The on time management decisions as well as short and long time planning are facilitated by the use of the feature-rich, highly performing EasyXLS™ component that transforms the raw data into easy to read, comprehensive inventory snapshots delivered via xlsx / xls exports.
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