Open and read the updated Excel file

Developer, PMOSystem
The user reviews and completes the data in the file before uploading it back into the import screen which uses EasyXLS to open and read the updated excel file into the system and database. PMOSystem uses this method to allow imports of timesheet data, new resources, and even international translation table imports that are used to display the proper language in the user interface.

EasyXLS - the most reliable and flexible solution

Lead QA, Chassis Management System
Chassis Management System application uses EasyXLS™ extensively as it proved to be not only the most reliable and flexible solution, but also the best option when it comes to importing or exporting large amount of chassis pool related data.

Large datasets can be serviced in an appropriate amount of time

Developer, SATIAMO
From the software-developer side of view all those things can be implemented due to EasyXLS very simple and fast. Even the important criterion of performance leaves nothing to be desired and requests, even for large datasets, can be serviced in an appropriate amount of time.

Create a customized data entry excel file

Marius Pancea, developer PMOSystem
In addition to reporting PMOSystem uses EasyXLS to ease system setup and configuration. Through the system import screens use EasyXLS to create a customized data entry excel file complete with default data, drop list selections, field validation and protected cells.

Export huge Excel files

developer at IBM
IBM's TransportLens product makes use of EasyXLS to natively read and write Microsoft compatible XLS files. TransportLens exports huge XLS files that are distributed to and updated by the individual competing Carriers. Also it uses EasyXLS to read the files, validate the contents and store the pricing in the application for consideration of awarding shipping allocation.
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