EasyXLS without OLE Automation

developer at TrackStar
They had previously learned that Crystal Reports claimed to output an MS Excel format, but those claims turned out to be greatly exaggerated and OLE Automation had a serious impact on the server performance, often locking up and requiring the server to be restarted. So they used EasyXLS. The generated MS Excel file is attached to an email along with an electronic invoice and sent to Cornerstone's clients.

EasyXLS quickly generates Excel files

Project Manager, Maersk Data USA, Inc.
Two days after getting EasyXLS™ we were able to succeed where we had failed with all the other products. The results are amazing. Even with our biggest rate schedules, EasyXLS™ quickly generates Excel files that included precise formatting, embedded formulas, pictures, and huge dynamic data ranges.

Timesheets for attaching to electronic invoices

Marius Pancea, developer PMOSystem
PMOSystem provides carefully formatted reports to the user in the MS Excel file format. Among the most complicated of the reports are the Timesheets for attaching to electronic invoices, and the multi-sheet budget reports that provide all project(s) information in one master MS Excel file. Additionally, with only a few lines of code, all of the filtered lists support Export-to-Excel and Export-to-CSV.

EasyXLS - flexibility when importing and exporting large datasets

Developer, SATIAMO
EasyXLS is the component that bridges the gap between the daily business and SATIAMO. It provides us with the necessary flexibility when importing and exporting large datasets and generating reports. This way our customers and their subcontractors can do their work in the Microsoft environment, they are entirely comfortable with and can later on import the data to the system.

SHPA chose EasyXLS to augment the HTML based reports

Radu Niculii, developer SHPA
With Microsoft Excel as a clear choice for a tool to store, manipulate and work with the operation information, SHPA chose EasyXLStm to augment the HTML based reports. Today SHPA staff can view reports on the screen as HTML and at the press of a button retrieve an MS Excel file with the data formatted exactly as on the screen, or in some cases with enhanced formatting.
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